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Domination demands precision.


If you’re going to take over the world, you’re going to need a war room. With a bunch of battlestations and eyes on everything. STIIIZY was already one of the largest producers of cannabis in the industry’s history ... but the history they plan on making is just beginning.

An evil genius origin story.

"The original idea for the war room came from a video game I used to play,” says Arthur Mazloumian, Senior Director of Cultivation at STIIIZY. “It's called Evil Genius 2. So in that video game, you have one giant conference table running down the middle of your main evil lair. You have a bunch of monitoring stations surrounding you, and you're trying to take over the world.” Arthur is far from evil—he’s just a mad scientist with an eye for detail and another eye on the big picture. And as the third-largest licensed cannabis producer on Earth, STIIIZY’s picture is hella big ... that’s what all the monitors are for.

Success at unprecedented scale.

To monitor multiple states, climates, environments, and conditions, you can’t dispatch your master growers to every site all the time—that model’s not scalable or sustainable. But by aggregating all the data in one place, STIIIZY is able to funnel in all those critical points of grow cycles, scheduling, room data, feeding data, and production data. That kind of efficiency makes everyone’s jobs easier and sets the pace for the industry.

"There hasn't been a boring day in the past two years. We've always been learning something new. We've been designing something new. And when you're in an environment that just thrives on thought, it thrives on innovation; it's really a healthy environment to grow in."

Arthur Mazloumian,
Senior Director of Cultivation, STIIIZY

"The second I really started putting numbers on values, numbers on what my master grower's definition of good was through the AROYA system, it really became like seeing color for the first time."

Arthur Mazloumian,
Senior Director of Cultivation, STIIIZY

harvest cycles
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Forging new frontiers.

At STIIIZY, they push the boundary of what they can do—with their facilities, with automation, with data analytics, and with nationwide expansion. But without consistency, innovation is just a one-off experiment. To truly facilitate a culture of pushing the envelope, Arthur’s aim is to craft cannabis that is recognizably STIIIZY no matter where you consume it.


Automation across the nation.

Analog cultivation processes can be very mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming. 90-minute walkthroughs every morning, one-by-one through every flower room. Inspections. Runoff tests. Handheld and by hand. With the help of AROYA, Arthur’s able to automate crucial processes, cutting that time down by almost 90%. He moves from on-site to oversight and can manage the people who execute on the floor much quicker and more efficiently. That’s less time in the weeds and more time focusing on build-outs, designs, and long-term expansion goals.

Set up for success.

When we visited STIIIZY’s new command center at their HQ in Downtown LA, the spacious room had 16 stations running four to five monitors each, with room to keep adding. Each monitor represents a key parameter of each facility. The data they collect in that room helps decide feeding schedules, climates, harvest cycles, and room utilization. Now they can plan 6-12 months in advance, giving them a jumpstart on their ambitious goals and on nearly every other grower on Earth. There are no shortcuts to perfection, but when it comes to gaining a winning edge, STIIIZY sets a relentless pace without sacrifice, while still leaving room to dream and scale even bigger.

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