Plants do not talk

Life Is Short


A branch of the NorCal cannabis scene with a vibe and culture all its own flourishes five hours south of Humboldt, in Sacramento. The seat of the state capitol may be a container of weed culture, but for Jordan Aguilar, growing up to co-found and oversee cultivation for an award-winning cannabis brand wasn’t even on the radar. The high school athlete first started on the medical track, pursuing a career in physical therapy before realizing working in a hospital wasn’t the right fit. Then when a friend passed away, the ultimate lesson – life is short – led Jordan down a new path, following a passion for cultivation that had been blooming since his first grow in 2010.

Sacramento sets the stage

Northern California is looked out as the weed Mecca with Humboldt. Crazy to see where it's gone from 10 years ago to what it is now – especially in Sacramento.”

Jordan Aguilar,
Co-Founder and Lead Cultivation, Blueprint

Leading by example

Jordan spent years working and learning the ropes in the facilities of some of the Golden State’s best-known cannabis brands before linking up with partners to launch their own. From the jump, the team was focused, open to learning, and constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate beyond what they knew. Ultimately, Jordan says, their approach to everything from design to cultivation boiled down to two things: “Deliver consistent weed time after time, and have fun doing it.”

Plants do not talk. When you get a yield or poor quality, it's in your face. There's no lying about this, there's no cutting corners, there's no way to cheat it. You can't be like, oh, file the paperwork tomorrow.

Jordan Aguilar,
Co-Founder and Lead Cultivation, Blueprint

It's a new industry, it's evolving rapidly and there's so much misinformation. Why do you do it like this? ‘Well, my grandpa told me to.’ Well, your grandpa didn't know, you know?”

Jordan Aguilar,
Co-Founder and Lead Cultivation, Blueprint

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per light avg after AROYA

Using data to lay new groundwork

By the time Jordan found AROYA on Instagram, his team had been filling pots by hand and yields were inconsistent. Becoming profitable meant breaking free from what Jordan calls the “mysticism and muddy water” that had long endured in the industry. Bringing AROYA into Blueprint’s 25,000-square-foot facility helped the growers learn how to slow down and evaluate what was really going on with their plants. These days, an average yield of 3 pounds per light isn’t the only boost they’ve seen from the platform. ”Our biggest objective is quality, and AROYA drives that more than it drives yield,” Jordan says.

Always room for innovation

We're dealing with a biological process that's being influenced by humans. Those are two major variables that could go any which way possible. So having these data points and set points to record and bounce off of is absolutely vital to repeatability – and to success, period.

Jordan Aguilar,
Co-Founder and Lead Cultivation, Blueprint

True smokers at heart

Though Blueprint may have only been on the scene since September 2021, the brand is making major moves – including winning multiple awards for “Gassiest Flower” and “Most Potent”. In a region known for being the birthplace of legendary cannabis, that’s beyond impressive. But it’s also part of the larger plan. “We just want to grow good weed and be good and kind to people,” Jordan says. “That's our vision there. That's the Blueprint.”

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